Wrist Hand Orthosis

* Cast-like rigidity

* Uninhibited finger motion
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This lightweight orthosis is designed to comfortably restrict motion of the wrist and hand while holding the hand in a neutral position. It is fabricated of specially formulated orthopedic grade thermoplastic whose unique characteristics offer durable performance and long lasting reliability. The splint provides rigid “cast-like” immobilization of the wrist and hand. A foam tongue insert provides additional padding for the styloid process. For a more custom fit the splint may be trimmed using cast scissors and formed using a heat gun. Two cotton stockinet are included to provide a more comfortable, hygienic interface and promote wicking of moisture.
Order information by Palm width
2.5" - 3"
3" - 3.5"
3.5" - 4"
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WH-S (L or R)
WH-M (L or R)
WH-L (L or R)