The Escort hip abduction brace is a lightweight patient friendly brace utilizing the latest in hip joint technology, the Genesis Joint. The Escort provides patients with a lightweight brace that is easy to don and doff. Superior comfort and improved patient compliance is the signature of this brace.

The Escort Hip brace is the result of a collaborative design effort with Sky Medical and Dr. Sarmiento. The design provides the patient greater comfort through utilization of a light weight, low profile brace equipped with a revolutionary joint design, the Genesis. This system abducts the leg only during flexion, allowing normal gait.
Pelvic Section:
The Escort is equipped with the same pelvic tilt mechanism as our Classic brace, making it gender neutral and capable of accommodating a wide range of hip development. The Escort pelvic section is designed to fit just below the iliac crest, eliminating impingement on the rib cage while seated.

Thigh Section:
The Escort thigh section is a two piece medial lateral design that allows for maximum adjustability and positive purchase of the leg. The unique design is easier for patients to don and doff than a circumferential cuff.
Sky Medical Escort Hip System